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Plastic modelling is a very interesting hobby. With each new kit the same questions will arouse: Where do I get the decals I need, which painting and camouflage had the origin and how can I improve my techniques?

The web is a good chance to get suggestions and exchange experiences. This is exactly the concern of this pages. As I started with this pages, my main subject were aircrafts of the German Luftwaffe from WWII. Therefore the title was chosen: "The Luftwaffe in Scale". Since that time I saw a lot of models from different air forces and different decades as well as even other models as aircrafts. Therefore the information will contain all different subjects of plastic modelling.

The page should be always up to date. Even with the latest news. The subject as well as the page on the web should be with a minimum of errors. Since this task is very time consuming we split the task:

Wolfram BRADAC

  Webmaster & publisher, photographer  
I was born in 1962 in Vienna. During my school time I started modelling with Airfix kits. After a long break I restarted modelling. My main subjects are aircrafts of the German Luftwaffe of WWII, also military vehicles.

Like most other modellers I stored a lot of kits, more than I built. Beside modelling photographing is my main subject.
  Wolfram Bradac


  Tanks & AFV's  
Hi, I am Werner Kampfhofer, born 1963-03-05 in Vienna. I live there with my wife, my son and currently 6 cats. My modelling career started at the age of nine and a plane from airfix. What began sporadically, turned into manic over the years ( that's at least the opinion of my wife ).

My main focus are AFV in 1/35, without a historical limit and I have no objections against kits from other branches. I always try to get out the best of me and thus modelling is not fun for me anymore, it is work, but a work I enjoy.
  Werner Kampfhofer


  German Luftwaffe WWII, translations  
II was born in Vienna in 1943 but have lived in the United States for 47 years. I am a retired History professor who is fortunate to pursue his interests as a translator, author and model builder.

My main interest is the Luftwaffe of World War II. I occasionally dabble in armor and paint a military miniature for balance. I work for Classic Publications as a translator and author.

Fortunately I have a German-speaking wife who has great tolerance for my diverse interests.
  Werner Stocker
  This page is involved with modelling. We do not glorify any war or any ideology. Every modeller seeks to build his model so close to the origin as ever possible. Even with all his markings.

THE LAW IN AUSTRIA: The use of the swastika is not prohibited when it is used to represent an origin correctly. Like on original photos or on models which represent an origin.
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