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Dornier Do 335 Prototypes

Luftwaffe Aviation Art - Color profiles by Simon Schatz


Do 335 V1, W.Nr. 230001, CP+UA, Mengen, October 1943
Do 335 V9, W.Nr. 230009, CP+UI, Mengen, July 1944
Do 335 M 14, RP+UQ, W.Nr. 230014, Oberpfaffenhofen , November 1944

References / profiles

Dornier Do 335 Arrow – Luftwaffe’s Fasted Piston-Engine Fighter
J.Richard Smith and Eddie Creek with Gerhard Roletschek, Classic Publications

Dornier Do 335, 435, 635- Kampfflugzeug- Aufklärer-Zerstörer-Nachtjäger
Manfred Griehl, Motorbuch Verlag

Dornier 335 Arrow
J. Richard Smith, Eddie J. Creek, Thomas H. Hitchcock, Monogram Aviation Publications

Additional informations

This unarmed aircraft took off on October 26 1943 with Test pilot Hans Dieterle at the controls. It was designated as aircraft V1, CP+UA, W. Nr. 230001. The aircraft was extensively tested until it was parked near the Mengen airfield.
The camouflage scheme was as follows: Upper surfaces and spinner RLM 70, Lower surfaces RLM 65. The propeller blades were unpainted.

Do 335 V9, CP+UI served as a prototype for the Do 335 A-O/ A-1 series. It was fully armed with one MK 103 and two MG’s 151/15. It was first tested by Hermann Quenzler on June 29 1944.
The camouflage scheme was as follows: Upper surfaces RLM 70/71, Lower surfaces RLM 65, spinner RLM 70 and the propeller blades were unpainted.

Do 335 M 14, RP+UQ, W.Nr. 230014 was the second prototype of the destroyer version. The Do 335 B-2 had two additional MK 103 in the wings. The aircraft was captured by French troops and extensively tested until January 1949 in Bretigny near Paris.
Do 335 M 14 was camouflaged as follows: Upper surfaces RLM 81/82, Lower surfaces RLM 65, spinner and propeller blades were RLM 70.

The Luftwaffe’s Fastest Piston-Engine Fighter


J. Richard Smith and Eddie J. Creek with Gerhard Roletschek
Classic Publications, ISBN: 1-903223-67-9

The three colour profiles pictured here come from a whole series of colour profiles published in the above mentioned book. My special thanks go to the Classic Publications team and their extraordinary co-operation.

  meet the Author:      

Simon Schatz

  1978 I was born in Vienna and I am working as technical employee in an architect's office. I am building plastic models since I am 12. It started with a F-16 Fighting Falcon in 1/32, which was followed by a few cars and trucks. A Heinkel He111 H-6 in 1/72 brood my interest for the German Luftwaffe. Since 2001 I am creating color profiles also.

Some of them have been already published in relevant magazines and books. The motto for building models and drawing profiles is the same: Learning by Doing. To practise my passion it is required to collect the necessary documentation, an expensive, but interesting hobby, especially when I can obtain rare second hand aviation antiquars.
  Simon Schatz  
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